Monday, June 7, 2010

Of Incremental Compromises and Happiness

I for one, ain't the type who'd haggle over the arm-rests at a cinema. Several times that I've been (much to my amusement) judged submissive, while I know better as I don't take 'every little thing' as a judge of 'the whole big thing'. I truly believe that bile and bromide aren't the opposites of each other. Just two simple and very different things. And that neither of them describes me.

But then it comes! One super rare weekend with a lot fewer exciting things than usual and I feel like the monkey who's dropped one too many bananas. Does it really work that way? That incremental compromises add up into one grand sum to ruin your happiness in total? Naah... I just know that monkeys when hungry, have poor memory of all the trouble saved in not picking those bananas that'd have slipped anyways. They're happy in time for the next catch :).

And from what I know of them, they love listening to the guitar that goes with:

It’s a restless hungry feeling
That don’t mean no one no good
When ev’rything I’m a-sayin’
You can say it just as good.
You’re right from your side
I’m right from mine
We’re both just one too many mornings
An’ a thousand miles behind

- Bob Dylan, One too many mornings

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  1. No no! Sometimes it's good to know what's really important. What's the point fretting over the small, inconsequential things in life? They make living difficult, if anything.

    To know the difference between inconsequential and important, in the long run and the not so long run, should be good enough. What makes it a tad bit difficult is that this is SO subjective! One can't even copy other's priorities :))

  2. How come you hit the nail right on the head? :)

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