Monday, June 21, 2010

And Though You Fight To Stay Alive

Remember the line from MJ's Thriller? And with it, the one hell-of-a-voice-over to remember - arguably Vincent Price's best??

I had plans for today. Funny how crazy alternatives pan out only on such days. I blame it on -

1. This talk with K at work in the coffee room that reminded me of the first ever thing that I wanted to become when I grew up - a voice-over artist! What with my voice being the least bent-out-of-shape thing about me :) That should also explain why Vincent's my God.
2. This could've happened on any day like today, except I have a cold. It makes me sound so very good inside my head like it does for Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S in that particular episode.
3. This other blog has a podcast for its latest post; something that I've for a while been wanting to try. (If you really have to read this other blog, I recommend about 5-6 posts starting about 10 older than the latest. The ones before and after are no match.)

And so, I decided to drop everything at hand that's important and record a little gig for my own amusement. But then, you'll hear me out, won't you?

Parental discretion advised!

And here's the ORIGINAL if you'd like to grade my work. :)

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  1. O MY GOD! O my ruddy GAWWWWD!! :D

    What a laugh in the end too!!!! CANNOT believe you made it up. And Thank god it's the afternoon! AWESOME! Brilliant! Well done dude!!!

    PS: Khamba removed his podcast.

  2. Superlative performance! Absolutely loooved the laugh (and don't miss the echo effect!!) at the end!! You do have a fighting chance to make it as a voice-over artist... am sure the Ramsay Brothers are hiring!! ;-)

  3. @Deepti: Thanks a ton sweetie! It sounds so good to know that I could scare you :D.

    @Ranjani: Thanks! That echo is no editing effect.. I had to roll my chair away over a couple of attempts to get that one in place.. Boy, voice-over ain't as easy as I thought it would be, especially when you're recording. Know the feeling when you forget spellings when you're writing in ALL-CAPS? Well... the moment you've got your attention on your voice, you forget pronunciations! :)

  4. Love it!!!
    Must be comforting to know you can never be out of work! (Juggling and fire-eating being your other potentials :P)

  5. Anon, know of any circus that's hiring? ;)

  6. Wow wow wow... Mein kleiner Vampir!
    Arun sagt: sehr gut!

  7. Dear Arun & Kanta, Vielen dank! :)

  8. @The Visitor, keeping you up all night, eh? ;-)