Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love's like that.

Yes, the idea for the title's borrowed from RD's "Life's like that" column.

A pal tells me that having a personal blog and not writing about Love isn't done! Here's my attempt, the best I could make, hate it as you will :-)

From what I observe all around (shrewdly, if I may proudly add :p), Love's a little like those Tele-Shopping gigs.

The models are pretty,
The presenters are witty.

Things work until they're dry,
Right from the very first try.

You reach your happy ending,
Never having to need a mending.

So that makes it almost like putting the meat of your ego on a fancy light-weight, easy-clean, energy-saving, long-lasting, space-saving, environment-friendly, flavor-retaining, electric, garden, BBQ-grill!!! Yes, from the very same mail-order commercial :p. A golden-brown, crisp-shelled, juicy inside type of a sausage is only one of the superb variety of outcomes. All of `em very messy barring just the elusive one, which you'll realize as you tear your hair and yell, "THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED!" :)). That makes you hate romantic movies, until such time when you admit to being a secret, inveterate fan ;-). Also makes you wonder why they won't make movies that are as messy and complicated as real-life, ain't it?

Fancy having caught exactly three such superbly well made dramas on love. All in the same month! I'd say give them a watch, sometime you can.

1. Playing by Heart - Eleven articulate people work through affairs of the heart.
2. Closer - If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking.
3. Little Children - Lives intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations.

Yes, yes, I should admit that I could just as well have said - "Watch these three brilliant movies to see love from different perspectives", in stead of the annoying opening paragraphs and a stupid poem. But do tell me...

how else could I have shown-off the rhymes?

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  1. Shamelessly reproducing the chunk-of-choice from Vedant's nice long email (don't we all know comments drive traffic? ;p) -

    Posts on valentine's day, love, rhyme and disturbing human relationship movies in the same month suggests either the system is not well oiled, or there is an anomaly. I'd like to know!

  2. Why leave out global warming, juggling and pets?? :-)

  3. I second every line and every word of this fab blog post. And you sir, are a genius ;)!

  4. Ha ha.. Prateek!

    That's one hell of an endorsement of the content; a generous assessment of my genius :)

  5. Hmmm. interesting post.

    Cynic or skeptic or just plain paranoid? ;)

  6. The Visitor, just when I thought we could be friends!! You had to hold that mirror up to me, didn't you? :-). No weasel way out of here, I guess I'm guilty of a little of all of them.