Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What's it about beer by the way..


If anyone's reading this at all.. excuse me.. am a little drunk and am more philosophical than I usually am ;-)

I've always tried to evaluate myself.. what's it about me that's ordinary.. and what's it that isn't... I've seen and gotten impressed with these kind of people... the one's who make big impressions on their firsts... and I know that's what's ordinary about me... I AM NOT THAT. And then.. I've always proved myself over time.. (forget that I haven't been too confident all the while). I was so hidden as to let a girl apologize in the second year for not knowning that I was in the same class.... and by the end of graduation.. I wasn't the pin-up but never met anybody who didn't know me.. same at school..same at job.. same at most other things.. Guess I'm more like this thing I'm loving having it.. BEER.. you want to have more of it.. but only after you've had more of it already...



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