Sunday, July 24, 2005

The thing that I seek..

What is that I seek when I'm over and out.. down and flat..worn and tired... just like it happened yesterday? I was just trying to find out what is it that would make me happy.. I searched my contact list..mailing none seemed appealing..logged into my messenger and none in buddy list that I wanted to chat up with.. scrolled down my phone book.. I realized it needed a cleanup. So was it company I was seeking? Nope. not at all. I can't imagine a company that wouldn't bore me in just a little while. And it was then I realized sitting in a nice cozy restaurant scooping steamed rice and washing it down with beer - all at closing time when every table around me was empty. The need with creatures like me who don't know for sure what makes em happy.. is to keep discovering. Got it. Novelty.

And then.. it doesn't suffice that I describe what I thought and what I did. I'd rather have the third person view of myself. And putting in this blog really triggered a log. I found out minutes ago that I can classify myself as INTP behavior type. Time to find out more ;-).


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