Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We must fall back upon the old axiom that when all other contingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes, in The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans.

This must be how ghosts were born. When you can't explain some strange phenomenon; the para normal's like the wild card that'll always fit. Well I'm not the one to believe in any of it but that's not to say I haven't had those spooky moments.

I remember this one night when I was reading a particularly boring book in bed only to be shaken awake to a sudden rap of a noise. At once so loud and reverberating so hard that it startled me. I knew distinctly that it came from within the house but I couldn't find out the source! I'm alone in the house and the doors are locked alright. Windows are closed too, that being a cold December night. I just couldn't go to sleep until I'd found the source of the noise until I was out of my mind trying every possibility I could think of - dropping a book from the edge of the bookshelf, dropping the pen stand from the table, tumbling down a pot from the kitchen platform, pulling down the broom stick standing in the closet corner to a fall, what not! I remember it must be the end of the third hour that I finally discovered the source. You see, I have the habit of leaving the toilet seat up (yes yes.. yet another of the luxuries of being single :p) and the seat hinge is taut enough that I must've left the seat rightly in balance that it could fall back and land on the tank with a thud or fall over the toilet with a rap. Ummmm... I don't remember having more contented a sleep than the one that followed the discovery :-).

But this one experience totally takes the cake!! It was during those late hours you put in on the night before the big project submission at college, most of it spent arguing with your mates on who's to be blamed for the fiasco; until you're all droopy and slog over the very little can be done. Three of us in a apartment on the top floor of a high rise apartment with the door to the balcony open and nearly all of the town outside fast asleep. There was this sudden fluttering noise coming from the balcony that we just couldn't ignore anymore. We had to find out! The eeriest part of it was that the fluttering would stop the moment we went out to the balcony. Step In - flutter - peek out - queer silence. Step In - flutter - peek out - queer silence. Step In - flutter - peek out - queer silence. We tried all combination - close the door, toggle the lights, hush-up, rake up noise, and then try all of them in various other combination. None could either completely stop or expose the source of the noise. We must have been at our wits end when we finally decided to move all of the pile of boxes heavy with trash and lying in the balcony since Ghenghis Khan invaded India. And voila!!!!! Ooooout flew a pigeon when there were the last few boxes left. The fluttering was so erratic and inexplicable, that it totally slipped out of our senses that it could be some living creature. You just wouldn't think of it when all of the balcony is gated with a grill with barely a fist sized object that could pass through it. We must have been scared sweaty for a few hours right until the minute after which we were again sweating out our convulsive giggles and the rolling on the floor and debating who was more chicken. The project was a dud show but what a night!!!. We created the stuff for the reunions to come in place of reports that gather dust any which ways :-).

Watching 1408 late the other night, I was reminded of all those spooky-funny moments in life. What a promising start for a scary movie, for once almost make me look under the bed for monsters and check the front door :p But alas, the promises weren't kept for the entire length of the movie. But so long as you have such rich memories to bring on, you've still got those goose pimples!

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  1. How many projects did you do in college without me as your partner!!?? I dont remember this happening with both of us in my apartment. A very similar incident happened to me in Sukhasagar aparments (3rd gate, remember). I could not stand the noise from the balcony but then I was lazy enough not to get out of the bed for a long time. Finally, I got up and entered the balcony. Something feathery hit me at the back of my head. Turned out to be a pigeon which entered the balcony through a small hole in the mesh but could not get out.

    Also, I dont remember ever giving dud project demo. Solve the mystery for me.

  2. Everything that doesn't add up falls under the literary license category :-).

    I've been a student even after we were that together, remember? And the fact that you haven't been my partner explains the dud-part :-). noise, middle of the night, balcony happened to me. pigeon is really from your experience! it just made so much more sense to the plot :D :D

  3. And to answer your first question, ZERO buddy! In fact, the partnership with you was quite a project in itself :P!!