Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Present continuous

I would imagine every kid to have believed that he can one day know everything. E V E R Y T H I N G. Well, I did. It was first science and with some more growing up it was specifically Physics that would do for me. Something that could explain me the “entire scheme of things”. One can perhaps call me na├»ve; but I still think I can. Only, it’s now Economics. I have come to believe that one’s attitude towards wealth is very closely related to his view of social justice. Along the way, there have been enough isms - capitalism, socialism, communism, what not. My interest in all of this hasn’t ever been about finding out which one of them is the “right” one as much as in finding out how each one of them fit with each other.

It is with this dear hope that I plod between the covers of the double negation infested work - “The Argumentative Indian” by the Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Disappointing though. “The Wealth of Nations”, yes, all right. Sir Vidia’s take, umm.. may be. But one would still be left with more questions than answers.

Why “really” is one country wealthier than the other? Probably because of my friends from around the planet, I keep coming back to wondering if we are this nation because of the way we are; or are we the way we are because of the nation. Would becoming wealthier make us “better” or would getting “better” make us wealthier.

“A Future Perfect”, by John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge. The book didn’t have to give me all the answers. Call it selective comprehension, but I did pick out particular bits. Law of accumulated privileges. Relevance of Geography. A global economy shown its factual place in the cycles of history. The place for the international organizations, of nations, of individuals – all put in one grand scheme. More than the promised perfect future, if I really wanted to understand the times of my life – the present continuous; this book definitely helped a bit. All of my five stars to it.


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