Friday, June 3, 2005

My experiments with her

He..he..Caught ya!! It isn't her that i'm talking about.. it's the pronoun "her". I was just reflecting on the way everybody around(including me) speaks, and am trying to manipulate my own speech. Don't know how far I'm right but I've got this conviction that my speech shall influence the way I feel about something and the way others feel about the same thing :-).
Take for example the code that I write. Most people around keep referring to the interacting modules as "HE". A invokes B coz HE wants B's help and so on. Now now, come on. I'm trying to love the code I write, don't I? Hence I'm putting a "SHE" as I refer to my modules ;-).

Moving forward from jokes, I also happen to work in an environment that professes collective ownership. Now this actually makes it imperative for all the stake holders to own all mistakes all the time, but lately it's turned too pretentious. Believe me; it's come to the level that person-X asks person-Y something like this - "Are we sure this is allright?" when what he intends to ask would be - "What kinda crap are you feeding me?".. He.he.. isn't infinite fun!!! Now am I not supposed to manipulate it? Yes ofcourse. Hence I'm framing every sentence in passives!!! And to put a cherry-on-the-top when not to risk conclusions, I at times add a "atleast I think so.". Being egoistic is helping :-)

I met this Bihari once and they have this sweet way of referring to their selves in collective nouns. "Hum aapse milne aaye hai", "Hum ne isko thik kar diya" and so on. All I knew was that this sounds sweet. But this person I met explains that it's because people want to keep away all traces of "mein" - the self-recognition, the pride! and put a "hum" in it's place. Set me thinking until I asked his name and he says "Humara naam @@@ hai". I'm LOL.

Now isn't this all so very fun!! Pronouns make a difference. And that's exactly the reason.. that I LOVE HER.


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