Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life is but a juggle..

I had a lot of balls in the air when this happened to me. Endless things I wanted to do in life, endless ones that I didn't want to do at work and endless ones that I couldn't do at the MBA. And then I dropped them. It caught up exactly like an itch-in-the-crotch would on a busy corridor at work. Seemingly innocuous to begin with, but shooting up to suck all of my attentions in no time. Without a reason, a rhyme, a cause, an inspiration or a damned warning!! It is that moment when in a single minded pursuit you find a near-empty elevator and not care about which way it's going and then hold your breath until it's empty. It is right after this involuntary, ignominious adventure do you realize that you don't even faintly remember what you were upto before. It then takes a conscious effort to get back your life. It is precisely in such a state that I began to juggle, so I could redirect my attention to something worth holding it; nay innocent.

Forget to catch, remember to throw.

The very first hurdle's this. Every juggler has faced this without fail. The fear of not being able to catch is so overwhelming, that one hesitates to release the next ball. Catching being more natural a reflex (and perhaps comes with more importance attached) to all of us, you end up catching the ball always! Funny that you'll ever so often break out of the rhythm not because you dropped, but because you never released the next one. It takes grit and self-assurance to keep sending those balls up in the air. But once you've jumped over the hurdle, you'll see how effortless it is...

Look beyond.

Being party to a situation is always judgement-clouding. It is sort of the Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle where the very act of measuring changes the quantity measured. Especially in a sensorially overwhelming act of keeping a watch on the balls flying about. It always helps to let your hands do the work. Your eyes can never keep pace. You watch, you lose. You look beyond and you shall thrive!

Think placement.

There comes this ahoy-moment, that clearly marks the coming of age of a juggler. And you can quickly graduate to any number of balls from there on. It is the art of placement that every expert juggler can relate to. All you have to think of, is not in terms of throwing and catching. You are self-assured enough that the hand-time-window that is supposed to throw and to catch will do exactly that. Your mind has just one thing left to think about, of Placing the ball in the right Order such as the one that everything in a system has. You can be sure the rest of the act works like you were an automaton.

If juggling were easy, they'd call it napping. It takes investment. But the gain is an amazingly beautiful reward - the pride in the way you spent yourself.

And it may just make for an interesting act in a party!

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Learning to Juggle can Change Your Brain

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