Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's the third year...

Hmm.. I don't know what'd make a guy for sure a weirdo.. Can YOU tell?? lets try.. a guy who doesn't use a cell phone may be?? Oh no!! That's be me then!!! Plus this'd be the third year since I am one!!!

This puts me in a curious light some times; makes me a butt of jokes at other times. aaaand.... insensitive if the ones who love me are right. well then, why would I do it? i wouldn't want to get arguing that not having a cell phone's better than having one since i get to do that often enough. instead, i'd say not having a cell phone is exactly what suits me.

i happen to like it when i'm not available when i don't want to be.. especially when even not answering the phone's a message. would like to make and keep appointments over calling up enroute. would like to wait for and hug the loved one in relief rather than check on her when she's late. i like keeping the distraction away when i work or study. when there're bombs going out in the cities; i would rather breathe anxious inside until i know someone i love is safe than be paranoid until i an actually hear the voice. a million other things actually .. funny that not having a phone is not actually a problem at all. definitely not a tenth as much to me as it is to the person who's trying to reach me. in short; i just refuse to be rushed through life; and refuse to pay the cost of someone else being in a hurry.

but this situation does have its amusing momemts. imagine running into after 3 years, that junior from college who could make you go weak in the knees and not having a number to exchange. and the turn in your stomach when she asks back if its because you don't want her to call you!! imagine having to deal with an airticket booking portal that is dumb enough to mark a cell phone field as mandatory. the credit card support sweet voice that calls up on your home number every other month to make sure if her records are right in missing the number. and every other moment when you have to make a tiny little effort to straighten your back when the other guy pulls out his phone, and asks - "so what's the number?"

i am not sure how long i can be assertive enough with my life.. in dealing with all the men and women who think they HAVE to reach me when want to. but i do hope i could have as much of this unhurried sail as i can..

coming to an argument if i have to; the other day this friend thought i was so out of times when i pointed if there was no life before cell phones that he shot back - what's your point?? wasn't there life before men wore any clothes?

but then, i actually think it would not be that bad of an idea if this were the third year

since when fig leaves were back in fashion!!


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  1. Well... I sure am glad you didn't go the fig leaf way!! They got you in the end, didn't they??? Blackberry Slave!!!

  2. He he he.. Yes :(

    Run we all try to, caught some of us get :)

    That said, I wouldn't eliminate the fig leaf thing yet. There's always another crazier day than today!