Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Alive..

Yeah.. it’s the title of that book by Meyer and Davis. It's the second book in all of my life, that I didn't read till the end..and the worst part of it, it kept me up in the nights over the first few chapters..

"The coming convergence of information, biology, and business" shouts the title. Ask me, and I'd rather prefer a "The coming convergence of information, biology and manufacturing".

There are only these things that when trying to see far enough I can see.. - The role that biology is going to play in information technology as far as providing previously unimagined hardware. - The role that biology is going to play in manufacturing.

To apply evolution into business decision making systems.. uh..huh... for now I'd say only eccentric professors and consultants can afford to get away with such a thing.

Any system capable of all that is claimed, needs to be creative.. needs to learn.. and...needs to be... as error prone as a human mind. I mean.. all of this is already available.. as a human brain of course. Anyone giving me that crap of computers being more accurate, in this case; may think of what application of processes to knowledge industry is doing to it.. I'm not even saying this isn't possible.. Only saying that this better be done by the already available wares..

The book provides a beautiful counter example to its own theories; but by accident of course.. that the US marines is winning in Afghanistan. If one still wants to believe in the convergence of evolutionary biology and decision making; she may as well read the book and bore herself to sleep.

I wouldn't bet my money on it, not just yet; not ever.

It's Alive - Christopher Meyer & Stan Davis, Crown Business (, ISBN 1-4000-4641-6.


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