Thursday, December 7, 2006

Homo sapiens non urinat in ventum

Well that's introducing Amsterdam for you. The TOLERANT city. Sex capital. Drug haven. Business Savvy. Tulips. Farm cheese. Bikes. Leaning buildings. Wooden shoes. Boat houses. There can only be one name for all of this as a combination; Free Souls. Take this first shot. What's so shameful about a pee? And then, if you've had lots of beer and need to pee, what's so wrong about keeping a bowl nearby. Even if the bowl's placed bang in the middle of everywhere in the city (even outside an opera house!!), and is nothing more than something to aim at :)). The Dutch call it a crow. And if one thinks the carefree abandon stops there, better wait a minute. If there can be a lake-view or a city-view hotel; apparently why not have a crow-view hotel!!! And where else in the world can you expect that along with your pizza; you get a mouthfreshner, a sachet of seasoning and a condom!!! All of this can be easily mistaken for an immoral and obscene place. But is Amsterdam really such a place?? NOT AT ALL. I won't know if it’s the Cannabis effect; if some feeling gets heady and contagious, it’s definitely the WHY NOT? spirit. And the Latin saying above is put on no less than a imposing Roman arch in one of the best parts of the city :-). There are very few places that can lift a man's spirits; Amsterdam is definitely one.

It is Latin for...heck I'll leave you with some work!


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