Saturday, July 23, 2005

Heads or Tails...

Hey.. I've a choice now.. (makes me feel good to say thus). let me put it as one of three.. I can do something that's noticed all the time, by everybody around which means that I'm under lights always. Part of a team. And for someone decent enough, the advantage of being noticed for accomplishing overpowers the disadvantage of being noticed for failure to do the same. The problem is that the team builds boxing gloves, has never used a pair and worse; it claims to know the best when it comes to making them. There's a HUGE disconnect from reality. Moving over to the second option, there's this option of actually boxing.. actually kicking and being kicked.. and the "kick" follows naturally. But what goes before a fight, the gruel, the practice, the grit is for only the four walls to see. And when I'm fighting someone else's fight, its really necessary to be able to justify what goes before that fight - but I'm cut from that. And more importantly, in the effort to put up my best fight with a bad glove, I've already been hurting myself a lot.

To help myself in choosing, I've done the fight and understand a glove and can't build it otherwise. And to fight without being able to answer for my performance.. i'm no sage.. Even I need a shack up once in a while...

That takes me to the last option, make my own glove or go without it.. and fight my own fight. Now is the time to toss or to just decide the outcome.

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