Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Hammock..

Imagine a beach with sand reminding you of snow; and the water blue, clear & coral-set to remind you of an aquarium.

Now imagine the sun at his sunniest best, a chilled beer in your hand and the cool breeze.

Now let’s throw in those beautiful bodies in tooth-floss wide bikinis.. going about not further from you than how far you can pee.. Mind you, they are there, but just a handful; spread wide about to not make a crowd but a picture from a glossy magazine.

Now... the hammock. It's in the shade, under a fine coconut tree, swayed by the cool breeze. Any guess who's lying on it? It is the one who by now wants to the most... You.

Kind of like a time share commercial, huh? Yes, and this did happen to me one Sunday afternoon at Sai Ree, at the secluded Koh Tao island in Thailand.

And do you know what I was thinking about? Literally the pain in my ass!! What with the rope from the hammock that was cutting into my butt cheeks... Such can be reality when it happens.

Missing that coveted school admission by a few hours; not cracking the Jee over two attempts; and missing those management schools by the water on a swan's back. I've regretted on each of these occasions; but only for a while. They are big; and shall remain so in my life. But then I fear no more when I feel so good in spite of it all and when I am proud of being me; because I know I am not letting these or anything else make me settle for any less. They are going to be my reminders. That not everything imagined, is just not the same in real.

Kind of like the rope knit hammock; which I am sure... is no fox's sour grape...


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