Saturday, February 12, 2005

Funny how we think..


Well I for a while knew this thing of measuring one's career progress. That of defining it in four stages - unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, concious competence and finally over to unconscious competence. And it never in its repeated recurrence as a thought failed to astonish me how simple and true it could be. I was only wondering if we could say something about the way we think as well. Most of the times, and most of us, seem to be only complaining. We only seem to look at problems. It is so blatantly visible in our conversation, but that's only if we care to observe. Look at this story - I am reading an article that asks "Should Prostitution be Legalized". And pat comes a sarcastic comment from a pair of eyes behind my shoulder, hooked out of an otherwise very sensible brain - "oh there are better things to be legalized!!!!". There wasn't much effort in pushing those brains into thought; I only had to ask back; "like?"... "Err... hmm... ooo.. Gay marriages probably!!". He he he... we better be careful in announcing our thoughts shows too much of us. Like all philosophy, my friend probably thinks he's smarter.. and I probably think I am.. But for once, I've had my spark-of-amusement. And ofcourse, a train of thoughts flowing out of it!!!



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