Monday, January 17, 2005

First Weekend outside India

Well it's Sunday.. and I'm out in the east European town of Bucharest. Have had lots of talk about the feeling one gets on his first visit out of India; but nope; I haven't felt anything at all. Well it’s one thing that I am busy with work and another that I'm increasing growing insensitive to everything outside me. Got nearly mugged y'day night while trying to take a look at the underground metro station, but somehow it never felt as dramatic as my companion explains it now. I figured out the mugger wasn't too sure of what he'd wanted to do to me; and while my companion started running away making exclamations; I calmly walked along without sparing a look at the twice-heftier-than-me danger beside me. Ya.. the town is a lot more cleaner than Bangalore for example. The temperature is way lower hovering around 0 centigrade. But yes, one difference I did observe. Almost a week, and I am yet to spot children. I read on the net that the Romanian society makes up a receding population ("makes up" ??). The government even pays around 10 Euros every month for each child until he's 18.. It's funny how things work in different places.



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